Amanat Baghdad demands electricity to restore current to distribution projects

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, June 20: The Municipality of Baghdad demanded the Ministry of Electricity to speed up the restoration of electricity for projects for the production and distribution of pure water, in order to re-pump water naturally to the regions of the capital. A statement by the secretariat stated that since last Thursday, pure water supply projects have been subjected to major power outages, and they are continuing until now due to the fall of part of the main nutrients in the power transmission towers, which led to the suspension of part of the pure water production and distribution projects and their dependence on half of their operational capacity. The power outage was affected by the Karkh water project, which feeds the areas of the Karkh side of Baghdad, which depends on two emergency lines, one of which has stopped completely, and the second is preparing a low voltage that does not allow the full operation of power. stop it


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