Allegri to Juventus President: Get rid of Ronaldo

Italy-ALSHARQIYA    April  13 : The Italian newspaper "La Repubblica" confirmed, on Tuesday, that Massimiliano Alegre asked the President of Juventus to get rid of Cristiano Ronaldo.
The report revealed that Alegre, the candidate to coach Juventus and succeed the Italian Andre Pirlo, had warned Andrea Agnelli, Juventus president, and asked him to get rid of Ronaldo, adding: Alegre said that the Portuguese international is hindering the team's development.
Walter Zinga, the Italian coach and one of the most prominent Italian goalkeepers, also criticized the Juventus striker, and said in statements to the Italian radio: Ronaldo is very tense and he is not the same as he was last season, he is angry with himself because he realized that he did not have the same effect as it was before.


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