ALJUMHARIA ALSADISA program raises the issue of the sharp decline in the supply of electricity in Iraq

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, July 11: ALJUMHARIA ALSADISA program raised the issue of the sharp decline in electricity supply in several governorates of Iraq in conjunction with the heat wave hitting the country.

 The deputy for the State of Law coalition, High Nassif, assured the Sixth Republic of the Ministry of Electricity's inability to meet the citizen's energy needs despite spending more than sixty-two billion dollars on this sector and that the reason is due to the persistence of their name as Arabians of corruption in the administration of the ministry and its institutions and for not referring their files to the judiciary.

 For his part, spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity Ahmed Moussa rejected the charges against his ministry.

He said that electricity is currently working on an emergency plan to remedy the situation, provided that the citizen is part of its success.


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