Al-Yawer: More than 50,000 homes are still destroyed in Mosul

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, July 11: The leader of the Shammar Abdullah Al-Yawar tribes said that there are more than 50 thousand homes still destroyed in the city of Mosul and that 80 percent of its hospitals are completely destroyed despite the passage of 3 years since the liberation of the city.

  Al-Yawer assured Al-Sharqiya News that parties outside Mosul are now controlling them, demanding the closure of the parties ’economic offices before talking about the progress of the reconstruction operations.


Next week, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi begins an official visit to the United States of America

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers in Iraq announced the extension of the partial curfew until the 15th of this month

Today, Saturday, the Border Ports Authority in Iraq announced the seizure of two wheels carrying inflammable materials