Al-Tamimi: We expect the second outbreak in September

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  July 10 : The Minister of Health, Hassan Al-Tamimi, confirmed that Iraq has not yet reached the peak stage of the spread of Corona virus, and that expectations indicate that a second wave of the epidemic may occur in September or October next.
“Al-Tamimi” told a program in “The Shortest Road,” that the increase in the percentage of injuries is expected due to the lack of commitment to preventive and health measures, and that the Ministry of Health is not responsible for the outbreak.
The Iraqi Minister of Health Hassan Al-Tamimi revealed to the "Shortest Roads" program that he had not received a single dinar to face the Corona epidemic since he received the Ministry of Health until today. Al-Tamimi said that all that was spent for the ministry from the time of the virus outbreak until the moment was 43 billion dinars and 6 million dollars, which is from the amounts of donations, while the amount of 50 billion dinars that the Council of Ministers voted to allocate to health did not reach anything


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