Al-Sharqiyah arrives in Umm Mohammed distributed "Abbas bread"

BAGHDAD,ALSHARQIYA  Oct 11  :  Al-Sharqiya channel cadres arrived in Umm Mohammed, distributing Abbas bread to protesters in Baghdad, described by Saad al-Bazzaz as "the icon of mercy and sister of the martyrs". Mrs. Dounia is a napkin vendor. Al-Bazzaz described the poor in Iraq as the most generous of the land, commenting on the distribution of handkerchiefs and food for free to Iraqi youth and pedestrians on the streets. Saad al-Bazzaz responded to the request of the Iraqi lady "Umm Mohammed" to talk to him directly, describing his initiative as a cloud that rained mercy and shocked "Umm Mohammed" crying when asked Bazzaz whether she needed her brother before she responded and tears in her eyes that she lives since years of this "experience "Without asking her door to ask about her condition


The Border Ports Authority in Iraq announced the transfer of very dangerous materials from Baghdad International Airport, in implementation of the directives of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi

Baghdad witnessed massive traffic jams at main intersections, streets and bridges, with the return of official working hours on Sunday

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