Al Sharqia Academy: The first TV and radio presentation course in mid-January

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  December 26: The Eastern Academy for TV and radio training and rehabilitation announced the launch of its training courses specialized in radio, television and mass and personal communication and opinion-making as the first course in television presentation for the first level will be launched in mid-January of the next year 2020.  The Academy stated in a statement that the courses will be under the supervision of lecturers with the participation of a number of senior media professionals with long experience from Iraq and the Arab world, as well as professors specialized in the theoretical side and applications of media studies  The training courses include writing and providing news and news reports as well as developing mass and personal communication methods  In a way that equals the speed of spreading through social networking sites and the transmission of information with high professionalism, the Academy accepts applicants from beginners, talents and those with expertise within courses that are held regularly throughout the year, whether in Dubai, London or Baghdad and Erbil. The Eastern Academy for Radio and TV qualification is the first Iraqi experience from Its type is for training and professional qualification in the field of media and opinion-making. The Eastern Academy statement stressed that applicants of both sexes can apply via the website. The courses include training and qualifying youth to enable them to obtain employment opportunities in the media. Information in general and on radio and television in particular, and the experience and qualification certificates from the Eastern Academy are comparable to those issued in the major media training centers in the region and the world 


Corona virus infection in Iraq jumped over a thousand infections for the first time since the epidemic appeared in the country,

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