Al-Saadi: Retirement deductions will be returned as of Friday

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  June 11: The Director of the General Retirement Commission, Ahmed Al-Saadi, revealed to the "Game of Chairs" program that the deductions, which affected six hundred and sixty-two thousand retirees in Iraq, will be returned as of tomorrow, Friday, following a directive from Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi .. Al-Saadi said in the "Game of Chairs" "The sums that have been deducted from retirees are still insured in the retirement commission and will be re-raised on smart cards within 24 hours. The director of the retirement authority, Ahmed Al Saadi, revealed that the authority pays thirty eight billion and 400 million dinars per month in salaries for the Rafha chip ... and Al Saadi said that This amount will be reduced significantly after receiving new controls that require the beneficiary of the Rafha salaries to be inside Iraq and to be a breadwinner for a family as well as not receiving more than a pension


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