Al-Rubaie: A proposed grant of 100,000 dollars per person

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, April 4: The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Basem Al-Rubaie, announced that the financial aid would have amounted to 850,000 dinars per Iraqi family, but it was left unattended because there was no allocation to it in the budgets. However, al-Rubaie confirmed to the chairs game program that there is a proposed emergency grant of up to 100,000 dinars per person pending approval in the 2020 budget. On the announced figures for those infected with Coronavirus in Iraq, the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Bassem Al-Rubaie said as a member of the National Safety and Health Cell that a mechanism Statistics of injuries are carried out under the supervision of the World Health Organization, indicating that field survey operations began only two days ago, which led to the emergence of new numbers of injured people.


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