Al-Mohammadi: No strong booth without representation

Baghdad - ALSHARQIYA February 14 : The deputy of the coalition of forces "Yahya al-Muhammadi" refused to override the rights of the Iraqi components in the government of the Prime Minister-designate under the title "independent technocrats" and said "al-Muhammadi" that the demand for the rights of the components in the transitional government is not considered quotas but rather a basis For a country, everyone shares its responsibilities and challenges


The Tahrir Square in central Baghdad witnessed a million march that came out to renew the covenant and fulfill the blood that fell during the legislative uprising.

Thousands of male and female students from colleges and institutes poured into the Tahrir Tunnel in response to the coordination call for the February 25 million

Skirmishes and clashes continued between security forces and protesters in al-Khilani Square in central Baghdad