Al-Khilani Square: Protesters block roads by burning tires

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA February 19 : Protesters in Baghdad set fire to tires in the vicinity of al-Khilani Square, which for six days witnessed hit-and-run operations and prosecutions between protesters and riot police, and showed footage of additional numbers of peaceful demonstrators arriving in al-Khulani to support sit-ins there for nearly 5 months. The protesters renewed Demanding them to disclose the killers of the demonstrators and the fate of the kidnappers of the armed groups


The Crisis Cell in Wasit Governorate lifted the quarantine on the family of Masai Zghayer

The local government in Anbar extended the curfew in the cities of the province until the eleventh

Al Sharqiya channel launched the platform (Stay home and Speak Across Sharqiya) as part of an initiative