Al-Kazemi orders the closure of all offices at Baghdad International Airport, except for security and intelligence

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  September  25 : Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi issued a divisional order to close all offices of the security and supervisory authorities and authorities inside Baghdad International Airport and other Iraqi airports, with the exception of the offices of the Ministry of Interior and the National Intelligence Service.
The Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority’s issuance document showed a book explaining the instructions issued under Diwani Order No. 16, which included the formation of a committee by order of the Prime Minister’s office, which ordered the closure of the offices of the Journalists ’Union, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Popular Mobilization, Accountability and Justice, the Integrity and Airport Security Commission, the National Security Agency, Intelligence and Individual Security.
The instructions also stipulated preventing any wheel from entering the aircraft parking lot except for the ceremony wheels, and preventing any person from crossing the Customs campus except for travelers.


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