Al-Kazemi directs to expand the search for Sajjad

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   September  30 : Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi directed the security forces to expand the search for the kidnapped activist Sajjad Al-Iraqi throughout Dhi Qar governorate and beyond.
Al-Kazemi confirmed during his meeting with the mother and brother of the kidnapped activist that the issue of the kidnapping of Sajjad occupies a large area of ​​his concern, and he is following it personally, pledging to harness all available resources until his whereabouts are found, and to arrest the kidnapped party and inflict the most severe penalties with its members
Al-Kazemi stressed that freedom of opinion, expression, and demonstration is guaranteed according to the law, and that targeting activists is an unacceptable situation. He also stressed that the state will spare no effort to protect the citizen’s security, dignity and rights, and will never back down in front of abuses of a criminal nature.


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