Al-Halbousi: Weapons may have a share in the 2021 elections

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, April 14: Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi warned that Iraq might face the risk of non-recognition of its political system in the event that the elections were conducted in an unfair and unfair manner. In Iraq, but he expected that weapons will have a share in the 2021 elections, and he said that the state will remain larger than the individuals. He said that Iraq is facing a phase of change in the approach, and the Halbousi generation told the program of the three that the so-called political leaderships of the Sunni component are just a cover without content and only 5 or 6 deputies will follow them, stressing that his party will not ally with any of the Sunni forces and about the political alliances for the next stage. The speaker of the Iraqi parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi, said that the Sunni component would not be part of the struggle within the Shiite component over the position of prime minister. However, the people of the component will have an opinion of the person of the next prime minister, and in his talk about Mosul and the suffering of the city of honor. Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi said that Nineveh should return to its normal state and that its voice should be louder than the voice of weapons and militias. The affairs of the city of Mosul are many, and there are parties that are not influential in their regions and outside their environment, which have begun to seek compensation in Nineveh through their influence and national claim. Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi spoke to the three program about his successful experience in restoring the confidence of the Anbari citizen in his political process in a way that transformed the western provinces of Iraq into an ally of the state and supportive of the government . He said that he had succeeded in making Anbar a center for Sunni political decision-making and around the scenes of adopting laws that are witnessing tensions inside the dome of the Iraqi parliament. Al-Halbousi revealed to the three-party program about a tactic he followed in the presidency of the parliament that relies on flexibility and not aligning with one party against another and moving on all political forces and blocs throughout the course. The hour is until a consensus is reached before the controversial law is put to a vote


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