Al-Dari: There is no integrity without adopting a biometric card

Baghdad-ALsharqiya, January 20: The head of the Iraqi national project, Sheikh Jamal Al-Dhari, warned that there would be no fair elections free of manipulation and fraud without adopting the biometric card, as it preserves the will of the voters and their choices. Al-Dhari said to the Chairs Game program in a later episode that his party would not participate in the upcoming elections without adopting the biometric card, adding what was stated that the Iraqi parliament played on both lines by adopting the biometric and electronic cards in the election law. The head of the Iraqi national project, Sheikh Jamal Al-Dari, formed the political system in Iraq and said that it is not patriotic and oscillating between Iran and the United States of America. Al-Dhari added to the chairs game program that the parties in Iraq are trying to preserve the political system followed in Iraq in order to continue what he described as milking money at the expense of the people's interests.


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