Al-Araji is a national and Assad security adviser as director

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, July 4: Informed sources stated that government orders were issued to appoint former Interior Minister Qasim Al-Araji as a consultant for national security in Iraq. An official document showed that a diwaniya order was issued to assign the former commander of the anti-terrorist forces, Lieutenant General Abdul-Ghani Al-Asadi, to the administration of the National Security Agency. His position is that he has a lot of tasks in the new location and his main goal at the present time is intelligence information and to end the existence of the terrorist organization ISIS


Al-Diwaniyah protests activist Husam Al-Abidi survived an assassination attempt, with an armed attack targeting his car

Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in the city of Nasiriyah, on Saturday morning, in a massive demonstration, the day after

Al-Sadr commented on the mass demonstrations that took place in the cities of Iraq, saying that he was confident that the elections would take place