Al-Aqili: The current law is distorted and votes are wasted

Baghdad-Al-SHARQIYA   August  7 : The former head of the Integrity Commission, Judge Rahim Al-Ugaili, described the current election law in Iraq as a distorted law, indicating that the one-district system wastes the votes of the electorate .. Al-Ugaili added in an interview with Al-Sharqiya News that later on that amending the electoral law alone is not sufficient To ensure fair elections before controlling the illegal ways to compete
The former head of the Integrity Commission, Rahim Al-Aqili, revealed the scenes of the meetings of what was known as the "Supreme Council for Combating Corruption," which stood helplessly in front of the state's real estate file.

Al-Aqili added that one of the politicians participating in the council meeting advised Abdul-Mahdi not to go into the state's real estate file to avoid clashing with corruption whales.


The Iraqi judiciary issued an arrest warrant against the former Iraqi Minister of Communications Naim Al-Rubaie

The Ministerial Council for National Security in Iraq held an emergency session to discuss the implications of the missile strikes

The United States has warned that it will not tolerate attacks by loyalist factions.