AFP: The "Arch" missiles are Iranian-made

Anbar-ALSHARQIYA  March 3: Agence France-Presse quoted Western security sources as saying that the missiles that targeted the Ain Al-Asad air base were not of the Grad model, but rather of Iranian-made "Arches", which have higher accuracy than the missiles that usually target western sites in the country.
The "Arch" missiles are an Iranian-made version of the "Grad" model, which is larger in size than the missiles that are often used to target the bases where foreign forces are stationed in Iraq. It was developed by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to make their aiming accuracy seven meters.
Arch rockets have a caliber of 122 mm and a range of 22 km and are equipped with a warhead weighing 19 kg, while the total weight of the missile is 64 kg.


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