Abdul-Jabbar: It is in Iraq's interest to adhere to the OPEC + agreement

Baghdad-ALSharqiya June 15: Iraq’s Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar affirmed that it is in the interest of Iraq to adhere to the OPEC Plus agreement to reduce oil exports because failure to comply will lead to the slipping of the country. Abdul-Jabbar said in the shortest path program with Nabil Jassem that Iraq is the only country that has not committed By agreement of 46%, but he found in the end that it is not correct to depart from the OPEC position because this will harm the interests of the country, and the Iraqi Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul Jabbar assured the Shortest Roads Program that his ministry is going to cancel some oil extraction contracts instead of negotiating production cuts. Abdul Jabbar said to the East News that all foreign companies were responsive towards reducing oil production during the negotiations, with the exception of one company whose response was negative without disclosing it. Iraqi Oil Minister Ihsan Abdul Jabbar revealed that he was subjected to pressure from some deputies with personal and family motives when he was director of the Basra Oil Company with a view to obtaining contracts. Abdul-Jabbar said in the shortest path program that some deputies invented complaints, cases and irregularities during his management of the Basra Oil Company, but the judiciary did not convict him of any of these issues, as it is not true at all.


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