A young man escapes from his engagement ceremony and takes a dessert with him

CAIRO-ALSHARQIYA 3 OCTOBER - An Egyptian girl recounted a strange story with her at her engagement ceremony, saying the groom and his family escaped from the engagement ceremony on the pretext that his uncle was sick and took the cake with them. The girl added: "And Anil we discovered that they took the tort with them medicine is not an eye. I took the tort with you Mstlnesh network. He will work through it as followers called on the social networking sites on the fugitive groom named "Mustafa Abu Torta", and they received with sarcastic comments.


The protest demonstrations in Al-Fahd district, east of Dhi Qar, witnessed gunfire by armed elements in civilian clothes

Hundreds of protesters in Al-Akikah, southeast of Dhi Qar, closed the district directorate again

The protesters of Al-Haboubi Square, the main sit-in center in the city of Nasiriyah, held a symbolic funeral ceremony for the martyrs of the demonstrations