A special look by Maya Diab at the opening of the Arab Fashion Week in Dubai

Dubai-Al-Sharqiya October 23:  After the Arab Fashion Council awarded her the title “Fashion Icon in the Arab World,” due to her distinctive looks that admire the public, Lebanese star Maya Diab opened the Arab Fashion Week in Dubai through her own page on a social networking site.
Maya appeared with an elegant look, as she wore a dress signed by the Lebanese designer Jean-Louis Sabaji, thanking the Arab Fashion Council for awarding her the title of "Fashion Icon in the Arab World". She also sent a message of hope to all participants and followers, and then the presentations began to the participating designers.
Sally Hajjar conducted an interview with Maya entitled "The Color of Fashion", in which Maya expressed her great love for fashion and her keenness to choose everything that suits her and the audience's admiration

.Maya added in her speech that she chooses the design, not the designer, as what attracts her most attention is the permanent renewal in cuts and designs.
And she added that she is preparing soon to launch a new business in her name related to fashion and beauty.
Maya revealed that she is working on opening a shelter for children and will supervise the work and take care of them herself. In conclusion, Maya expressed her happiness at the opening of the Arab Fashion Week, and thanked the curators.
More than 30 fashion designers from all over Asia, Europe and America will participate in Arab Fashion Week, in addition to a full day dedicated to Brazilian designers under the title "Brazil Noble".


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