A soccer team discovers that one of its players has been infected with Corona during the match

Brazil-ALSHARQIYA  January 17: Avai, which competes in the Brazilian second division football league, found itself in a difficult position when it was forced to replace one of its players during the half-time break, as a result of his infection with the emerging Corona virus.
The club said that a delegate from the Brazilian Football Association informed him "on the stadium" that the result of the examination that his midfielder Valdivia underwent to detect "Covid-19" before the match was "positive", which forced him to replace him during the half-time break.
The club stated that the player "does not suffer from any symptoms and the club is now trying to arrange his isolation and his return" to Florianópolis, the capital of Santa Catarina state in the south of the country.

The 26-year-old underwent an examination 72 hours before the match against "CSA" at the "King Pele" stadium in Maceió (eastern Brazil), and his result was negative, then on Saturday morning he underwent a second examination in preparation for the match scheduled for Tuesday against Juventud in Florianópolis, and the result came Positive this time.
Avay president Francisco José Baptistotti said he was assessing the possibility of calling for the cancellation of the match, which ended in a 1-1 draw, because he considers that there is "outside interference" due to the disclosure of the examination result in the middle of the match.
He claimed to the "Globo Esporte" sports website that an official in the Brazilian Football Association owned the laboratory that conducted the examination on Saturday, and that, by revealing the results between the two halves, he was seeking to reach a sports result suitable for his club, adding, "It is very strange."

Brazil, which recorded 209,000 deaths, making it the second most affected country by the Corona virus after the United States, has witnessed an increase in infections and deaths since November, and the situation has worsened during the Christmas and New Year period.


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