A Russian model appointed as Goodwill Ambassador

Russia-ALSHARQIYA  February 25: Russian model Natalia Vodianova became a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador on Wednesday, pledging to promote sexual and reproductive rights for women and girls and address the stigmas surrounding their bodies.
The model will be active with the United Nations Population Fund, which now calls itself the United Nations Sexual and Reproductive Health Agency.
The Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund, Natalia Kanem, who announced her appointment, described Vodianova as "above all a longtime passionate advocate for the rights and needs of women and girls, especially persons with disabilities."

Kanem said, through her work with the United Nations Population Fund over the past three years, Vodianova has focused on "breaking harmful taboos and addressing stigmas surrounding a woman's body and health, including menstrual health even during humanitarian crises, and all forms of gender-based violence." ".
Vodianova, who will celebrate her 39th birthday on Sunday, said she was honored in her new role and said at a United Nations press conference: “I look forward to continuing my work to address the myths and taboos that billions of women, girls, women and people at risk must coexist with and work to raise women's health levels. And her dignity. "

Vodianova grew up in poverty at the hands of a single mother and had a half-sister with cerebral palsy and autism.
She signed a contract with Viva Model Agency at the age of seventeen and worked for fashion companies including Calvin Klein, Blamen, Stella McCartney and Louis Vuitton and appeared on several magazine covers, including Vogue.
 She made it to Forbes magazine's list of Best Model in 2012 and was named Super Nova.


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