A robot capable of communicating "psychologically" with humans

AMERICA-ALSHARQIYA June 4: Researchers from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Columbia University are working to make robots able to communicate with humans, through expressions that reflect the emotional state and the ability to express feelings at the right moment.

American engineers have come close to creating a robot that is able to express its feelings, and most importantly, is able to express them "at the right time and in the right place." And they started with the physical structure of the new robot, which they called EVA.

The robot is in the form of a bust with a movable head and a blue rubber face. It can display six basic expressions: joy, wonder, sadness, anger, disgust, and fear.

The creators stress that he is able to show accurate expressions, helped by a group of "facial muscles" consisting of 42 muscles, simulating the movement of real facial muscles in humans.

After achieving this goal, it was the turn of artificial intelligence. The innovators achieved two major milestones. They have created a deep learning mechanism that can read the emotions of surrounding people and can completely "reverse" them. To teach EVA, engineers used a trial-and-error method, in which the robot was trained to correctly express its emotions, by following the state of its face with the help of video.

Thus, the EVA robot first learned to control the complex mechanical muscle system, and then determine which expression should appear on its face, based on the facial expressions of the surrounding people.

In the opinion of the authors of the study, EVA is still a simple experiment in the laboratory. So talking about self-awareness and empathy for robots is still too early.


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