A robot based on artificial intelligence may save our planet from harmful waste

The Netherlands-ALSHARQIYA July 21: The Dutch company TechTics revealed a new robot project it has developed to contribute to cleaning beaches and public places from some waste such as cigarette butts.

According to the developers of the new BeachBot robot, their invention relies on artificial intelligence systems to identify cigarette butts by viewing images obtained from the Microsoft Trove application and through special cameras equipped with it to monitor the surroundings in it.

In order for the robot to be able to accurately distinguish the shapes of cigarette butts, it needs to preview about 2,000 different images of cigarette butts that people have thrown previously, which it will get from the said application.

And the prototype made for this robot can currently work for an hour straight, then it will need to be recharged, and its special arms and techniques are currently capable of finding and collecting about 20 pieces of cigarette butts lying on the beaches.

About this invention, Edvin Boss, one of the robot's developers said, "Cigarette butts and filters contain microplastic particles, and when the water reaches the cigarette filters thrown in nature, the filters produce highly toxic and harmful substances to aquatic organisms. These filters that are thrown on the beaches harm marine life." Turtles, birds, fish, and even mollusks and snails are affected by it.”


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