A prisoner gets the Corona vaccine, millions before in Britain

London-ALSHARQIYA  January 24: A serial killer imprisoned in Britain received an invitation in preparation for obtaining the Coronavirus vaccine, before millions of Britons who have priority, sparking outrage in the media.
 The British newspaper "The Sun" wrote on its website that the matter was "terrifying". She stated that the serial killer Levi Belfield (52 years) and some other prisoners in the high-security "Frankland" prison were informed that they would receive the vaccine in the coming weeks.
The news comes at a time when elderly Britons and others at risk of dying from the pandemic and medical personnel are still waiting for a vaccine.
And former British Home Secretary David Blunkett said it was illogical that prisoners, especially thugs, be given priority in getting vaccinated.

He expressed his hope that the Minister of Justice in Britain would intervene immediately and reveal the reason for distributing the already rare vaccines in this way.
Bielefeld is a well-known serial killer in Britain, and was convicted of three murders against women, and one of his victims was a 13-year-old girl, who is serving a life sentence.
The message that reached the prisoners says that the vaccine will reach the prison between January and February 2021, provided that it will benefit those most at risk of infection.
Britain is one of the countries most affected by the Corona epidemic, with more than 3.6 million injuries and more than 97,000 deaths recorded.
Although the United Kingdom was the first country in the world to use the Pfizer Bionic and Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines, the country still had very high mortality rates.

The distribution of vaccines is suffering from a very slow pace, and does not cover all the elderly and medical staff so far.
The British Health Minister, Matt Hancock, told "Sky News" that the order to lift the general lockdown restrictions in Britain is still far away, pointing to the preliminary data showing that the restrictions have slightly reduced the new strain infections, but he stressed that hospitals in the country are suffering from tremendous pressure " ".


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