A poll reveals which countries Americans love and cannot stand

The United States - Eastern October 29: A poll conducted by the British YouGov Foundation showed that North Korea is the country that most Americans cannot stand.
The research institution specializing in public opinion trends published the results of its survey on its website, confirming that 65 percent of the respondents said that the countries they hate the most are North Korea, which is ruled by a dictatorial regime.
The poll examined Americans ’opinions about the ten countries they like the most and the 10 they hate.
North Korea came under the regime of dictator Kim Jong Un, at the top of the negative list.
The survey was conducted over a year-long period from October 2019 to October.

Iran ranked next (56 percent), then China (49 percent) and Russia (48 percent).
According to the organization that is based on the survey, it appears that China has not gained enough popularity since last year, and it was not blamed only by looking at the Corona virus crisis.
"The epidemic did not have a significant impact on China's rankings," the survey report said.
The report indicated that the percentage before the pandemic was 43 percent, and then increased over time, on the occasion of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic from Wuhan, China, beginning in December 2019.
The YouGov website said that the number of negative responses about North Korea reached that level due to the poor assessments of human rights in North Korea and its constant targeting of the United States.

It is reported that the poll counted 12 percent of the positive responses to North Korea, while 18 percent of the respondents remained neutral.
As for the result of the poll on the countries closest to American hearts, the United States came at the top of the list with 78 percent.
This is followed by Australia with 75%, Canada with 74%, and Ireland with 70%.


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