A Mosul refugee participates in the Greek wrestling championship

Austria-ALSHARQIYA   July  30 : Iraqi refugee Aker Al-Obaidi, residing in Austria, is preparing to fulfill his dream of participating in the Tokyo Olympics as part of the international refugee team in Greco-Roman wrestling, weighing 67 kilograms.

 Al-Obaidi, 22, was forced to leave Mosul in 2014 due to the tragic conditions in the city as a result of the battles taking place at that time between Iraqi forces and ISIS. He says that he entered the world of wrestling since his childhood when he was in Iraq, but he developed his skills in European camps, and is preparing today to participate In the Tokyo Olympics as part of the international refugee team

The international refugee team participating in the Olympics this year includes 29 athletes from 11 countries who live and train in 13 host countries, with the aim of solidarity and drawing attention to the fate of 80 million refugees around the world, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.


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