A mobilization in Maysan to ward off the threat of floods coming from Iran

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  November  27 :  The Crisis Cell to deal with the floods in Maysan Governorate discussed the preparedness of the concerned authorities to face the expected rain wave and the floods that may result from it.
 The media of the Ministry of Water Resources said in a statement that a joint meeting was held in the presence of the head of the cell and a number of its members, as well as the directors of the supporting departments, and discussed the extent of the ministry's readiness to absorb rainwater and expected torrents, precautionary measures, bottlenecks and water leakage holes to protect cities from the danger of floods and torrents.
 And the Ministry of Water Resources had warned 7 provinces of the danger of flash floods and called on farmers to take the utmost alertness for any floods or torrents caused by expected rains, according to meteorological data.


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