A man with a wheelchair and paraplegia climbs a skyscraper in Hong Kong

Hong Kong-ALSHARQIYA   January 17: Lai Chi-wai, the first man in Hong Kong to climb more than 250 meters from a skyscraper façade, is wheelchair-bound.
It took Lay more than 10 hours to achieve this feat, on Saturday, in order to collect donations for people with spinal cord injuries.
Lai, 37, who suffered a traffic accident 10 years ago that left him paralyzed, was unable to reach the top of the 300-meter-high Nina Tower on the Kowloon Peninsula.
"I was very scared," Lai said. "When climbing a mountain, I can cling to rocks or small holes, but with glass I can only rely on the rope I hang from."

Lai succeeded in raising $ 5.2 million in local currency, "equivalent to $ 670,639," according to "Reuters".
Before 2011, Lai was crowned a four-time Asian champion in rock climbing, and was ranked eighth in the world at one time.
After his accident, he resumed climbing with his wheelchair attached to a system that works with a set of pulleys.
Five years ago, he managed to ascend the 495-meter-high Lionrock Mountain, a symbol of Hong Kong's folklore of perseverance and resolve.


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