A man "wears" a live snake instead of a muzzle

Manchester-ALSHARQIYA   September  25 : Passengers on a bus en route to the English city of Manchester were surprised by a passenger "wearing" a huge snake, "in compliance" with the laws in force that require bus passengers to wear protective masks due to the spread of the new Corona virus, according to "Manchester Evening News"
At first, the passengers thought that the man was wearing a protective mask made of colored cloth, only to discover that he was "wearing" a live snake instead of the muzzle!
One passenger said, “At first I thought he was wearing a really strange mask, until he let the snake crawl around his hands and the handles,” while another said, “It didn't bother anyone in the bus, but a man in the back filmed a video. It was fun.”

Pictures showed the man, who was wearing a white shirt and jeans, with a snake around his mouth and neck as if he was suffocating him, while he was not wearing a protective muzzle as required.


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