A major escalation in the West Bank, Jericho and Bab al-Amoud

Palestine-ALSHARQIYA   May  14 : The confrontations between the Israeli occupation forces and angry Palestinians extended to several cities and towns inside the occupied territories, resulting in the recording of injuries
 In the West Bank, Jericho, occupied Jerusalem and Bab al-Amoud ...
 Eight Palestinians were also injured in the city of "Hebron" during clashes with settlers who attacked their homes east of "Yatta", while dozens of citizens were suffocated with gas during confrontations between youths and the Israeli occupation forces in several governorates, most notably "Bethlehem", "Qalqilya" and " Nablus. "
 The Israeli police launched an unprecedented campaign of arrests in the territories of the year 48, according to official Palestinian sources, which affected 374 citizens against the background of the demonstrations that they witnessed condemning the continuous Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.


The head of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, criticized the great

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