A lady quits her job to look for her lost dog

MONTANA, Sept 26 (alsharqiya) - An American woman found her missing dog after she had to resign from her job to look for her. Carol King and her husband, Fern King, were alerted to the loss of their seven-year-old dog, Kitty, in a dog-friendly hotel in Montana. Carroll, who works as a postal employee, decided to quit her job and embark on a desperate search with her retired husband, Vern, for their dog, Kitty, in July. The couple appealed to Facebook groups and searched for Kitty at night using night-vision goggles and animal traps. About two months later, a neighbor told Ms. Carroll that he saw a dog wandering near his window. She rushed to the neighbor's house and found her dear kitty resting under a tree. Kitty was finally reunited with her owners, and she thanked neighbors and the community for helping her with this ordeal.


Resignations of the directors of a number of districts in Dhi Qar continued with the escalation of popular protests in the province

The protesters of Al-Haboubi Square issued a statement to clarify the circumstances of the storming of the Health Department by the demonstrators

Citizens in Anbar renewed the call to tighten the closure of the entrances to cities and districts and open the movement within them