A job that pays you $30,000 to play with dogs in Britain

Britain-ALSHARQIYA July 21: The Yappy pet company in Britain has announced a job that many dog ​​lovers dream of, the opportunity to play with their favorite animals for a salary of up to 24,000 pounds ($30,000).

The company confirmed on its website that the employee will be responsible for entertaining and pampering the dogs, and will also be responsible for taking the dogs to photo sessions on time in preparation for taking close-up pictures, according to the British Daily Express.

Marketing research is part of the job duties, with written feedback on the company's products ranging from toys, bands, sweets and accessories to help increase sales.

Yappy offers all-occasion gifts for owners and their canine friends, which can be custom designed to resemble more than 420 dog breeds.

The employee's daily duties also include several points, the most important of which is ensuring that the dogs are happy, comfortable and safe at all times, and working with the dogs to provide market research on a variety of the company's products.

It also includes tailoring the daily activities of dogs to suit different types, and providing dogs with the best toys, treatment, play and relaxation as required.

The company has set several conditions for the ideal person for the job, the first of which is that he be a dog lover with filming to prove this, highly experienced in dealing with dogs and an innate understanding of their needs, and finally he is fully committed to providing the best treatment to the Yappy dog family.


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