A healthy breakfast to help get rid of depression

Berlin-ALSHARQIYA   September  25 : Millions of people in the world suffer from depression for various reasons. Nutrition experts believe that eating healthy, especially at breakfast, will help get rid of depression. So what are the necessary nutrients that must be included in the breakfast meal?
Most people with depression visit a psychiatrist or take anti-depressants. However, exercise and meditation such as yoga and walking in nature can affect our mental health positively. In addition, many nutrition experts stress the importance of diets to get rid of depression, according to the German "Business Insider" website.

According to German nutritionist Melissa Brunetti, who conducts research on the relationship between diet and mental and psychological health, a healthy diet is the key to mental health. The German expert believes that a correct breakfast does not only help to start the day with good physical health, but also includes the mental and psychological aspect. Our brain needs nutrients that help with this, especially those that contain unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, vitamin B, and vitamin D, in addition to minerals such as zinc, iron and magnesium. The absence of these elements in the breakfast meal has a negative impact on the mental health of the individual and then on the mental health.


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