A girl honors her deceased father on her wedding day in a strange way

LONDON-AlsharqiyaOct. 7 (UPI) - After her father lost his life four months ago with cancer, Charlotte Watson decided to honor him on her wedding day in a distinctive way. On the day of her wedding, Charlotte put together a nail polish made of a combination of plain nail polish and the ashes of her deceased father. Charlotte's cousin, a cosmetologist, made a combination of a special nail polish containing the father's ashes and added gorgeous designs containing gemstones. "I finally realized my wish," Charlotte said. My father is supposed to hold my hand while walking down the aisle at a ceremony I remembered that Charlotte honored her father in several ways during her wedding by printing his photo on the background of her wedding shoes, and a necklace bearing his picture that she hung on her wedding wreath. Dolls made of his pants, according to the Metro website.


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