A device that detects the “smell of corona” with extreme accuracy

London-ALSHARQIYA  June 15: Scientists in a British company have made a huge leap capable of facilitating human life in light of the spread of the new Corona virus, as it became possible to identify people infected with the virus through their smell, thanks to a new device, which reduces the risk of transmitting infection in public places. .

Scientists at the British company "Roboscientific" have created a device capable of identifying the "smell" of the Corona virus, and determining whether there are infections in a place, with an accuracy of up to 100 percent, in just 15 minutes.

This invention would greatly facilitate people's lives in light of the spread of the epidemic, as it is possible to install the device in offices, schools or planes, to prevent the spread of "Covid-19".

The device relies on detecting the distinctive smell that results from chemical changes in a person’s skin or breath, because the virus causes a change in the volatile organic compounds that make up body odor.

Thus, there is a "fingerprint" in the infected that cannot be detected by humans, but can be detected by the device when it absorbs the smell.

With the device placed in a specific room, it is able, within 15 minutes, to detect the “smell” of corona, and notify those present that there is an infected person among them, after which the usual examinations are carried out to determine the identity of the patient.


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