A Canadian woman escapes certain death after a meteorite fell on her pillow while she was sleeping

Canada-ALSHARQIYA October 13: According to press reports, a very lucky Canadian woman escaped certain death after a meteor pierced the roof of her house and hit her pillow while she was sleeping, a few centimeters from her head.
A Victoria News report revealed that Ruth Hamilton was asleep at her home in Golden, a town in southeastern British Columbia, Canada, on October 4, when she heard a crash and felt debris on her face.
"I immediately jumped and turned on the light, and I couldn't figure out what had happened," Hamilton told news sites. Moments later, she looked around and discovered a black stone on her pillow.
The woman called 911, and a police officer who answered her call wondered if the serrated object that fell on her pillow had come from a nearby construction project.
Hamilton noted that they called a nearby project to see if they were doing any explosions nearby, but they didn't, "but they said they saw a bright light in the sky that exploded and caused some explosions."
She added: "I was shivering and scared when it happened, I thought someone had jumped or it was the sound of a gun, or something like that. I was relieved when I realized it could only be something falling from the sky."
Hamilton confirmed that she did not suffer any injuries and revealed that she plans to keep the Celestial Stone because her grandchildren see it as wonderful and believe it "may be billions of years old". Adding that the frightening incident gave her a new perspective on life.
"The only other thing I can say is that life is precious and can disappear at any moment even when you think you are safe in your bed. I will never take that for granted again," Hamilton said.


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