A British woman finds masks inside a chicken meal

 London-ALSHARQIYA   August  7 : A British mother found a muzzle inside a chicken meal, which she bought for her children from a fast food restaurant.
According to the British "Mirror" newspaper, Laura Arber bought a branch of chicken meals for her children, who were with her.
After returning home, the children sat on the sofa to eat the chicken meal, and the mother noticed that her 6-year-old daughter was feeling suffocated, so she rushed to her and inserted her fingers down her throat, to vomit what was in her throat.
Laura said: "All I could see was the blue color, but she was sure that this color could not be small pieces of chicken, and I examined the box and found masks inside two pieces of chicken."

The mother went to the restaurant and met the manager of the place, who told her that the chicken was not cooked inside the place, but rather in another place. But he did not apologize for this, nor did he take any decision to stop selling these chicken nuggets.
The newspaper emphasized that the mother did not stop there, but rather published the incident, which her daughter was subjected to, on the "Facebook" site to educate others about it.
The spokesperson for the restaurant responded, responding to Laura's post, apologizing for what happened to her, and affirming that food safety is their priority, and they pay great attention to following strict quality control standards.


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