6 injured in an exchange of fire inside the Mosul compensation department

Mosul-ALSHARQIYA  April  7 : The city of Al-Karam, Mosul, awoke to a battle with live bullets in a circle that carries out actions that affect the lives of citizens, something that eyewitnesses described as similar to the gang battles that appear in the movies
The fighting between two armed groups sparked anger and disapproval of the people of Mosul after it resulted in the wounding of 6 civilians, who were seriously injured.
The city’s Senate described what happened as a disregard for the law, values ​​and community peace, while the Popular Mobilization Authority said that a group claiming to belong to it and did not name it, entered the compensation department in Mosul and caused quarrels and chaos before the security of the crowd arrested her.

The Mosul Tribal Council called on the Prime Minister and Parliament to intervene to end the presence of armed groups in Mosul because what happened was not the first incident and will not be the last, as all parties refuse to name the party that committed the crime of breaching public security and social peace in Mosul.


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