3D fitting suit in Japan

Japan-ALSHARQIYA  November  17 : The 3D body-fitting suit, which can capture highly accurate 3D images of the body, according to what was reported by the Japanese fashion retailer "Zozo", noting that "the new suit has resolved the defects that appeared in its previous version."
It is noteworthy that the original suit, when scanned using a smartphone, allowed users to upload their measurements and order custom-made clothes, and it received great attention from the fashion industry, but it failed to increase sales amid complaints of poor sizes.

"(Zozo) engineers have reworked their algorithms and increased the number of benchmarks to 20,000 in (Zozosuit 2) instead of the previous number of 400 benchmarks," said Masahiro Ito, Chief Operating Officer, in an interview.
"We spent the past two years getting rid of every problem that people suffer from, so the whole process is more robust, and we were previously moving very quickly, but we need to be careful at the moment," he explained in statements to Reuters.
Online fashion retailers are targeting accurate and easy-to-use body measurement technology because they try to minimize returns.

Zozo, controlled by SoftBank, is seeking partners in the fields of fitness, health care and other sectors.
The company hopes to introduce the suit within a year, and Ito said the new design can be produced at a low cost via an easily scalable print process.
By offering its measurement technologies to outside parties, Zozo hopes to operate revolutionary new services; By combining the measurement intelligence, technologies and the unique expertise of brand partners across various industries.
The company is known for its online fashion retail site (Zozotown), and also offers Zozomat foot measurement technology, which it says has reduced shoe returns by about a third.

Zozomat technology allows customers to scan their feet in 3D using their smartphones, and to receive shoe size recommendations across various brands and styles.
Founder Yusaku Maezawa left the company last year, attracting more than 10 million followers on Twitter with cash gifts, and a plan to orbit the moon via a SpaceX rocket.


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