34 koruna cases were recorded in Najaf

Najaf-ALSharqiya April 4: The death toll from corona virus in Najaf Governorate jumped to one hundred and seventy-five injuries after thirty-four new injuries were recorded on Saturday and the Najaf Health Department announced in a statement that after a hundred and forty-three laboratory examinations of contact and other suspected cases were recorded 34 injuries New in the virus were distributed as follows: sixteen cases in contact with a previously diagnosed case in Al-Mishkhab district, 6 cases in contact with a previously diagnosed case in the Kufa district In the Kufa district near the Faculty of Law, three cases of contact with previously diagnosed positive cases in the Maysan neighborhood - four cases of suspects were distributed in the neighborhoods of Jerusalem - Mercy - Maysan - and Al-Barakiya.


Resignations of the directors of a number of districts in Dhi Qar continued with the escalation of popular protests in the province

The protesters of Al-Haboubi Square issued a statement to clarify the circumstances of the storming of the Health Department by the demonstrators

Citizens in Anbar renewed the call to tighten the closure of the entrances to cities and districts and open the movement within them