3 killed and injured in a dispute over a football field in Nasiriyah

Nasiriyah-ALSHARQIYA  June 14: One person was killed and 3 wounded, as a result of an armed clan conflict that erupted in Suq Al-Shuyoukh district, south of Nasiriyah.

A security source said that a dispute over renting a five-football stadium in Al-Akaika district developed into a fist fight and then into an armed conflict between two clans, during which machine guns were used, which resulted in the death of a young man and the injury of two.

In another incident, 4 people were injured as a result of an armed conflict in the Al-Dhahiha neighborhood in central Nasiriyah due to a quarrel between children, and it intervened to resolve the conflict and arrested 5 of the two sides of the quarrel.


A member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee

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Karuk Khoshnaw, director of the American Kurdish Center,