3 injuries were recorded in Arbil and one in Sulaimaniya

Arbil-ALSharqiya March 26: The authorities in the Kurdistan region recorded 4 cases of the new corona virus in the governorate of Arbil, bringing the number of injured to 103 and the Kurdistan Ministry of Health stated in a statement that the new injured are a 32-year-old woman, and two men, one of whom is 30 years old and the other 32 years, she added that all these infected people are relatives of the case that was recorded yesterday in Arbil, and indicated that the number of people infected with Corona virus in the Kurdistan region rose to 103 cases, including two deaths, and the Ministry of Health announced the registration of a new infection in the Sulaymaniyah province for a 30-year-old man Years of Darbandikhan district. In the meantime, the Corona confrontation operations room in Erbil decided to open private banks two days on Sunday and Wednesday from eight in the morning until one in the afternoon provided that the working hours are for only 5 employees, and also decided to open currency exchange offices outside Street 60 in conjunction with the permanence of private banks


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