2334 new cases of corona were recorded in Iraq

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, July 4: Corona's infection rates in Iraq continued to rise after 2334 new cases were recorded on Saturday, raising the total to 58354 cases. This increased the rate of coronavirus death to 2368 after monitoring 106 daily deaths in the pandemic.

The epidemics were distributed among the provinces of Iraq as follows.

  Baghdad / Rusafa 357, Baghdad / Al-Karkh 393, Medical City 44, Wasit 221, Al-Diwaniyah 127, Najaf 247, Sulaymaniyah 143, Karbala 114, Basra 110, Dhi Qar 132, Salahuddin 98, Kirkuk 61, Babil 78, Erbil 39, Diyala 28, Al-Muthanna 25, Anbar 7 and 5 injuries in Duhok


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