2,125 casualties: 105 deaths in Iraq, bringing the total to 2,473

Baghdad- ALSHARQIYA  July 5 : Corona's injuries in Iraq exceeded the 60,000 mark after 2125 new injuries were recorded, while deaths rose to 2473 after 105 new cases were recorded.
The Iraqi capital alone recorded 491 new infections, distributed Al-Rusafa 294
Al-Karkh 158, Medical City 9, followed by Dhi Qar 357, Sulaimaniyah 176, while Diwaniya and Najaf recorded 159 in each of them, Karbala 146, Basra 137, Maysan 100, Salah Al-Din 91, Wasit 86, Diyala 65, while the rest of the injuries in the governorates were distributed between 47 in Babel and 3 in Dohuk, and the Ministry of Health indicated that 1940 cases of healing were recorded, bringing the total number of cures to large numbers


The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa al-Kazimi, has vowed to everyone who tries to use his presence

The director of the Development Department at the Ministry of Planning, Muhammad al-Hassan, described the capital, Baghdad, as a city

Large quantities of river fish died in Hor Al-Dalmaj in Al-Diwaniyah Governorate after unknown persons were dumped