1006 Friday cases: Iraq records the highest daily death toll from Corona's injuries

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA June 5 : The number of HIV infections in Iraq jumped over a thousand infections for the first time since the epidemic appeared in the country, where the daily epidemiological situation recorded 1006 cases, bringing the total to 9846, while the number of deaths rose to 285 after recording 14 deaths and Baghdad continued to record The highest injuries were recorded in Rusafa, 274 injuries, followed by Karkh with 139 injuries, then Medical City 115 injuries, Basra 96 ​​injuries, Sulaymaniyah 87 injuries, Dhi Qar 50 injuries, Babylon 48 injuries, Wasit 42 injuries, Karbala 31, Kirkuk 28 injuries, Diwaniya 24 Injury, Najaf 21 injuries, Muthanna 13 injuries, Erbil 12 injuries, Maysan, 11 injuries, Duhok 6 injuries then Salah Al-Din 5 injuries, Diyala 3 injuries and Nineveh one injury.


The head of the Parliamentary Human Rights Committee in Iraq, Arshad Al-Salihi, called on the Ministry of Higher Education to be

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