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April 09, 2021

South Korea-ALSHARQIYA   April  9 : South Korea unveiled today, Friday, the prototype of the "KFX" fighter, which it is developing in cooperation with Indonesia, amid ambiguity over Jakarta's future role in the project.
The next-generation fighter jets Korea Air Industries is developing are designed to be a cheaper, less stealthy alternative to the US F-35 aircraft on which Seoul relies.
The ultimate goal of the project is for these aircraft to replace most of the old South Korean fighters, as well as to produce more for export.
The announcement ceremony of the prototype took place at the company's headquarters in the southern city of Sachon, at a ceremony attended by South Korean President Moon Jae-in and representatives from Indonesia, including Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto.

Korea Air Industries is planning to conduct ground tests this year, with the plane expected to make its first flight in the air in 2022.
"The demonstration of the prototype can be considered an important achievement of the development process as it represents an entry point for the stage of identifying and evaluating the performance of the fighter, after it was only drawings," said South Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Department in a statement.
Moon said that South Korea will have at least 40 new fighters ready to fight by 2028, and 140 by 2032. "A new era of defense independence has begun," Moon said in a statement issued by his office.
The aircraft will be named "KF.21 Buramieh" when the South Korean army deploys it.

South Korea and Indonesia agreed in 2014 to cooperate in developing the fighter jet in a project worth 7.5 trillion won ($ 6.3 billion), with Jakarta bearing 20% ​​of the cost.
But in 2018 Jakarta tried to renegotiate to relieve pressure on its foreign exchange reserves, and later sought to barter its share of the cost.

April 09, 2021

United States-ALSHARQIYA    April  9 : Facebook announced the testing of a new feature, which helps users provide them with more information about the pages they follow, in the United States, as an initial step before it is circulated to other countries.
"Starting today in the United States, we are testing a way to give people more context about the pages they see," a Facebook blog account said in a tweet.
According to the example provided by the platform, new labels appear below the page title in posts, which provide immediate context as to why the page is publishing such posts, which may help reduce confusion.
And Facebook posts can spark a lot of controversy, as the wrong interpretation plays a big role in this area.

And Facebook's own research showed that a basic misunderstanding can often be a major factor in sparking online anxiety, so any additional context or explanatory information can help reduce confusion and ease tensions.
Users tend to take sarcastic posts very seriously, even if those posts are from well-known sources, and you often see angry responses in their comments section from people who think the posts are from actual news sources.
Facebook has a big problem with dangerous fake news and even satirical posts misinterpreted.

Given this, it is clear that there is value in providing additional explanation where possible, and this appears to be a simple, non-intrusive way to mitigate some of these situations.
It is reported that this is not the first time that the social networking giant has tried to make the context of posts in the latest news clearer.
In June of last year, it began categorizing media outlets whose editorial policy is fully or partly under government control.
Facebook argued that such outlets need nomenclature because they combine the influence of a media organization with the strategic support of the state, and the platform believes that people should know whether the news they read is coming from a post that may be under the influence of a government.
Facebook is currently testing the new ratings with a small group of users in the United States.

The platform announced, a week ago, another feature that allows users to control the posts they want to see, and display them to their friends and followers via Facebook.

April 08, 2021

United States-ALSHARQIYA   April  8 : The "Facebook" platform announced a set of new tools to help users celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, which is once again affected by restrictions of the Coronavirus around the world. The features found via social apps are gaining increasing importance in facilitating communication and celebration during the holy month in light of the presence of many people who are still unable to physically gather.
Last year, the Facebook community shared more than 20 million posts and the comment “Happy Ramadan,” and video calls over WhatsApp increased on the first day of the Eid.
In 2020, people contributed through Facebook and Instagram to collect donations related to the month of Ramadan, twice as much as they contributed in 2019.

This year, Facebook invites more than two billion people worldwide to celebrate Ramadan to honor the holy month with the hashtag #MonthofGood.
Starting today, there will be more ways for people to explore, inspire and express goodness through Facebook apps, and people can discover ways to show their communities giving back through new resources and features.
People can also share their charity work and connect with friends and family during the holy month. Accordingly, Facebook launched a new guide to help people celebrate Ramadan, with 30 ideas for the #MonthofGood Month initiative.

Throughout Ramadan, Facebook collaborates with content creators, communities, publishers and NGOs to highlight those who make a positive impact in communities and inspire others to do the same.
British filmmaker (Basma Khalifa) is hosting a video series on Facebook celebrating change-makers and small businesses in the Muslim community.
Creators from around the world are sharing special moments from their Ramadan celebrations through Instagram through a series of live videos throughout the month that highlight a variety of Muslim voices, as well as the content of the hashtag #MonthofGood on Instagram.

In addition, those looking to make charitable donations or pay their zakat during the month can turn to Facebook and Instagram to find non-profit organizations such as: Rahma International, UNHCR, Molham Volunteer Team, and the Zakat Foundation The American administration, in addition to thousands of charities that collect donations during the month of Ramadan to provide food baskets, supplies and emergency relief to those who need it most around the world.
People can share their charitable work and connect with friends and family during Ramadan through new Instagram stickers designed by Hala Al Abbasi, and new WhatsApp stickers by Murat Kalkavan.

New stickers are available in the Facebook app, as well as new camera effects and stickers via Messenger and Messenger Kids.
Families can meet to watch exclusive Ramadan series on Facebook and IGTV from content creators such as Khaled Al Amiri and Nefis Yemek Tarifleri, and networks such as MBC.
People can also listen to Live Suhoor Talks, a global series hosted by creators across the UK, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa and featuring weekly talks on topics ranging from food and fasting to mental health and well-being.

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April 02, 2021

Lebanon-ALSHARQIYA   April  2 : In the Land of Cedars and Women "is the title chosen by designer Zuhair Murad for his collection of haute couture Spring / Summer 2021 that he presented in the form of a short film of about 9 minutes duration. the world.
Murad considered that this spring group differs from everything that preceded it in his career, as it speaks directly about his love for his country, Lebanon. I will never leave it. "

Murad evokes the cedar forests in his collection's display decor, and they decorate his costumes, both real and figurative. He was inspired by the embroideries that he made on his elegant designs from the shapes of cedar branches, and the show was accompanied by pictures of Lebanon's cedar forests that were not only reflected on the décor but on the models in their luxurious dresses as well.
Zuhair Murad opened his show with a set of designs colored in white and concluded it with a princess wedding dress of the same color that carried a message of hope for renewed life and its victory despite the harsh conditions. The designs were decorated in calm gradations despite the solidity they embodied, and their color palette ranged from gray, silver, lilac, blue, and green,

Pink, and Gold. As for the fabrics used to implement these costumes, they preserved their delicacy and fluidity, and varied between muslin, tulle, crepe, lorex, silk, and jacquard.
Long dresses are a frequent item in this group, which also includes short dresses and jumpsuits. They are all decorated with embroideries that embody the rice cones, branches and stems. Feathers also entered many of the looks, adding a remarkable liveliness to them.
Zuhair Murad's collection of couture Spring / Summer 2021 included about 45 looks befitting the finest occasions. Some of them will be seen on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival and Oscars.

March 28, 2021

United States-ALSHARQIYA   March  28 : After several seasons of absence from the international fashion arenas, American designer Ralph Lauren has returned with a show dedicated to women and men alike. Through him, he presented designs for the spring and summer of 2021 through which he wanted to paint a picture of a world adapting to the epidemic waiting to be overcome.
This show is the first virtual experience by designer Ralph Lauren after he has been absent from the world of shows since 2019 due to the spread of the Corona pandemic. This show took the form of a movie titled "All or Nothing at All," which is the same title as a song by the late Frank Sinatra that she performed in the movie American singer Janelle Monae

This movie evokes the old Hollywood atmosphere from which Lauren drew inspiration for his spring collection for women and men. He said in this regard: "I have always loved the romance that emanates from the atmosphere of old black and white films, because the dazzling that accompanies them is not affected by the signs of time."
Lauren was keen to present a group of women's and men's costumes that enhance the bright side for those who wear them, as they are among the designs that make textures more beautiful, the style is more gentle, and the mood is better. He wanted it to be an expression of a modern, personal style that would not be affected by the passage of time.

About 40 looks included in this collection, which was distinguished by its classic cut and simplicity of elegance, which falls under the banner of "the restrained easy" whose secrets are well mastered by designer Ralph Lauren. He said in this regard: "My designs have always been within the framework of a world that transcends the limits of fashion, a world of romance and luxury untouched by the passage of time. In my collection for Spring 2021, these sentiments intersect to express a personal style that is modern and enduring at the same time."
Men's jackets and trousers appear frequently in women's looks, which were also adorned with white polo shirts. As for the dresses, they were characterized by simple, close-to-body cuts that maintained a monochrome character or decorated with soft white flowers or lines.

As for men's fashion, it was inspired by the character of the fifties of the last century, but executed with modern cuts and materials, and neckties have repeatedly appeared as a companion to the suits.
Ralph Lauren maintains a calm and neutral color palette in his spring collection with white, gray, black, beige, brown and navy blue. He wanted these designs to keep pace smoothly with these difficult days in which the world is living and to go beyond them to a better time in which all the social distancing recommendations imposed by the epidemic will be eliminated.

March 25, 2021

Dubai-ALSHARQIYA   March 25: This Wednesday evening will witness the start of the Arab Fashion Week in Dubai, which will last for 5 days and introduce new women's fashion for the coming fall and winter. It is expected that all of his offers will be transmitted by default through his pages on social networking sites, what new will he present?
Opening this week at 8:00 pm, the Dubai-based Filipino designer Amato House will be showcased in Forn One. This show will take the form of a short film that introduces the house's new in the world of couture, titled Inner Sanctum, which means "the inner retreat", as it embodies the looks of a woman facing her fears on the journey to find her truth. The famous model Pia Wirtzback, who holds the titles of Miss Universe 2015 and Goodwill Ambassador for the Preservation of the World's Wildlife, is expected to appear in this film.

The Arab Fashion Week calendar includes shows from around the world. The event will be hosted as a guest of honor by the Italian-born British designer, Antonio Grimaldi, who will conclude this week's shows.
Among the participating roles, we also mention: Michael Cinco, Euphoria, Maliche, and Aavva ... in addition to the designers: Jean-Charles Zakaria from Lebanon, Sophia Nyos from Italy, Ezra Tuba from Turkey, Ihab Grace from Palestine, Jab Petelika from Poland and Brazilian designers: Andrea Conte and Sandro Barros.
The cooperation between Arab Fashion Week and the French Confederation of High-end Tailoring and Fashion continues, and this cooperation will be translated by the participation of five French fashion houses in this event: Heliot Emil, Germanier, Situationist, Weinsanto and Ester Manas.