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July 21, 2021

Britain-ALSHARQIYA July 21: The Yappy pet company in Britain has announced a job that many dog ​​lovers dream of, the opportunity to play with their favorite animals for a salary of up to 24,000 pounds ($30,000).

The company confirmed on its website that the employee will be responsible for entertaining and pampering the dogs, and will also be responsible for taking the dogs to photo sessions on time in preparation for taking close-up pictures, according to the British Daily Express.

Marketing research is part of the job duties, with written feedback on the company's products ranging from toys, bands, sweets and accessories to help increase sales.

Yappy offers all-occasion gifts for owners and their canine friends, which can be custom designed to resemble more than 420 dog breeds.

The employee's daily duties also include several points, the most important of which is ensuring that the dogs are happy, comfortable and safe at all times, and working with the dogs to provide market research on a variety of the company's products.

It also includes tailoring the daily activities of dogs to suit different types, and providing dogs with the best toys, treatment, play and relaxation as required.

The company has set several conditions for the ideal person for the job, the first of which is that he be a dog lover with filming to prove this, highly experienced in dealing with dogs and an innate understanding of their needs, and finally he is fully committed to providing the best treatment to the Yappy dog family.

July 20, 2021

United States-ALSHARQIYA   July 20: A rare event occurred on the coast of the US state of Oregon, when a large colorful fish "Oba" swept to the shore of the city of Seaside in the northwest side of the state, and this fish is also known as the "moon fish", with a weight of 45 kg.

And the “Sky News” website reported that a marine research center in the city wrote a post on “Facebook” that a rare fish had been found in the Oregon coast, and Keith Chandler, the director general of the center, said that finding the fish “Oba” on the coast of Oregon. Oregon is unfamiliar, assures the fish was in great shape.

The strange thing is, according to the center, that local residents in general and fishermen in particular, do not see this fish, which they described as “wonderful”, on the beach, and according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, not many people know about this species because it lives in the depths of the ocean.

Although the fish has a fascinating appearance, its body is round, and its surface is colorful, and it was remarkable for its wonderful shape, Chandler revealed that the fish was found dead, and he said: "Unfortunately the fish was not alive, but we got to it before the birds."

He added that the fish was stored in a large refrigerator suitable for its size, and the Naval Research Center plans to dissect it to be used for scientific purposes in order to obtain all possible data to learn more about this type of fish found in the depths of the ocean and appears timidly.

Earlier, a rare fish sparked a state of controversy on the Tik Tok application, as it appeared in a video that performed movements similar to human laughter, and the video achieved more than 100 million views in a week, and then it turned out that the fish does not laugh but suffers from pain, according to Ben Williamson. , director of programs, at the World Animal Protection Organization in the United States, a non-profit organization.

July 20, 2021

Saudi-ALSHARQIYA July 20: The torrential rains caused by rain in the Budaiya Center in Saudi Arabia resulted in parts of the historic "Salma" Palace, which was built more than four centuries ago, in the Al-Aflaj governorate in the Riyadh region, falling down.

According to Saudi media, the torrents caused layers of the palace wall to fall, in addition to the demolition of a number of ancient mud houses in the area.

Tweeters published photos and other video clips of the demolition of parts of the palace, while the Al-Hurra website could not verify its authenticity.

(Sabq) newspaper reported that the people demanded the authorities' intervention to protect the palace, which is more than 400 years old.

In his interview with the newspaper, the head of the Budaiya Development Committee Shannar bin Amer Al-Shakra confirmed that the palace was affected by the torrential torrents that swept Budaiya this week and caused parts of it to fall.

He said: "We call on the competent authorities to address the situation and expansion of the phrases to ward off torrential torrents, as they were not able to discharge the torrential torrents."

He added that Budaiya was affected by the crossing of many valleys by torrents, pointing to the need to expand the ferries to ward off torrents on the bridges of the highway to avoid such damages caused by torrential rains.

The newspaper had reported the "surprise" of the people of the area, stressing that they had never seen such rain in the summer.



July 18, 2021

Tokyo-ALSHARQIYA July 18: The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics, scheduled for the period between July 23 and August 8, revealed two cases of coronavirus among athletes residing in the Olympic Village, in addition to the discovery of a third case of an athlete living outside it.

The Organizing Committee for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics did not specify the nationalities and specializations practiced by these athletes, but made it clear that 4 athletes had been infected with “Covid-19” since the arrival of the delegations to the capital, noting that it would announce every day the results of the tests that are conducted daily on athletes and officials. Certified Games.

The International Olympic Committee also confirmed that the result of the examination of one of its members, South Korean Song Min Ryu, was positive upon his arrival to the archipelago, according to "AFP".

On Saturday, the organizers announced the first infection with the virus in the Olympic Village, but it was not for an athlete, according to the updated report on Sunday.

The Olympic Village has a capacity of 17,000 people, but only 6,700 people will live there at the same time, according to the schedule of competitions prepared by the International Olympic Committee, and this number will be reached in the middle of the Games at the beginning of August.

Cases double 5 days before the opening of the Olympics, but they remain marginal in relation to the total number of participants in this global date.

And the German International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach confirmed Saturday that among the 15,000 athletes, Olympic delegations and journalists who have arrived in Japan since July 1, tests have confirmed that 15 people have been infected with a "very low rate" of 0.1 percent.

The Games were postponed from last year due to the Corona pandemic, and strict health measures were taken in Japan in order to hold the global event scheduled once every four years.

Almost all Olympic competitions will be held behind closed doors, and tens of thousands of participants, whether they are foreign athletes, officials or journalists, are subject to strict restrictions due to health risks.

Participants in the Olympics must undergo two tests before arriving in Japan, separated by 96 hours, and a test must be taken upon arrival at the airport, as well as a daily test during the competitions.



July 21, 2021

Britain-ALSHARQIYA July 21: Britain cut government funding for an electronic chip factory, after it was sold to China, according to the British newspaper, "The Telegraph", on Tuesday.

The newspaper said that the government-owned research and investment institution in the United Kingdom (Okri), stopped its funding to the "Newport Weaver Fab" company, under government instructions, after it was sold to the Chinese-owned company Nexperia.

Newport Wafer Fab, based in Newport, Wales, employs about 450 people, making the chips that electronic circuits are printed on. While Nexperia is headquartered in the Netherlands, it is owned by China-based Wing Tech, which is partly owned by state-backed investors, according to CNBC.

Among the Newport Wafer Fab's projects is developing chip technology with Cardiff University for a radar system that could be used in combat aircraft.

Chips allow electronic devices to capture, process and store data, and they are essential components of entire parts of the global industry, and they make up many of the gadgets we use on a daily basis.

This comes as the United States focuses on confronting China and pulling the rug out from it in this important technological industry.

And last month, the US Senate passed a bill with a plan that would allocate more than $170 billion for research and development, and is specifically aimed at encouraging companies to produce on American soil semiconductors, whose industry is currently concentrated in Asia.

The bill provides for $52 billion over five years to encourage companies to manufacture semiconductors in the United States and to promote research and development in this area.

The plan aims to address the global shortage of these basic components, and also seeks, on a larger scale, to support American industry in the trade war with China.

Arts & Culture




July 16, 2021

Beirut-ALSHARQIYA  July 16: The designer Elie Saab did not move to the fashion capital of Paris to present his collection of haute couture for the upcoming fall and winter, but he contented himself with filming it in the form of a short film that was shown on social media, under the title "Sprouts of Hope". The film included more than 60 scenes that embodied the transition from darkness to light in the post-pandemic world.

"Hope does not disappear even in the most difficult moments of life", this is the message carried by the designer Elie Saab's collection of high-end tailoring. He released it from Beirut to the world through a short film of about ten minutes, using elegance as a means of expressing concerns and hopes.

Elie Saab spent the bulk of the isolation periods that the world has known due to the spread of the Corona epidemic, in his country, Lebanon, which is currently witnessing one of the most difficult stages it has known. He continued to embody beauty and elegance through his designs even after his workshop was damaged and a part of his city was turned into ruins due to the explosion of the port of Beirut about a year ago.

The film also sheds light on the scenes of a show by designer Elie Saab, where models shine in dresses covered in flowers as they talk and chat during preparations for the show. Then they move to a colonnaded studio where daylight highlights the handcrafted details and decorates the costumes with subtle and luxurious touches.

Introducing this collection, Elie Saab said: "We are all waiting for spring to bloom in our world. It is only a matter of time, so I decorated my designs with many petals and flowers."

In addition, Elie Saab presented, through this collection, a special concept of fashion in which classics are mixed with modernity. The conclusion of the show was the princely wedding dress, which was decorated with crystals in light green metallic and was accompanied by a long veil of embroidered tulle.

July 12, 2021

Paris-ALSHARQIYA   July  12 : Silence prevailed in the Balenciaga show, which was presented without any musical background after 50 years of absence from the world of high fashion. But the applause was loud when the looks passed at the end of the show, which was signed by the creative director of the house, Dimna Gvasalia.

This live performance was presented at the historic headquarters of the House of Balenciaga on the famous Parisian George V Avenue in front of an audience of no more than a hundred people. It was the most awaited show within the activities of the Haute Tailoring Week, which is taking place in the French capital for four consecutive days.

The show included 63 looks that varied between women's and men's fashion. It was opened with a collection of men's smoking suits, all characterized by square shoulder cuts and wide trousers. One of them wore a model that looked very relaxed in this masculine "minimalistic" style.

The show witnessed the presentation of a range of "Tailors" and oversized coats made of silk satin, in addition to large jackets that were accompanied by sweaters with high collars or shirts accompanied by ties decorated with "Logo" prints of the House. As for the evening fashion, it took the form of gowns decorated with glitter and wrapped around the body as if it wanted to contain its movement.

Georgian designer Dimna Gvasalia described these designs as “absolute luxury”, and said in this regard: “Balenciaga fashion is closer to architecture than to design. This concept fits with my vision of fashion that moves away from embellishment and approaches the construction of the design in a way that highlights the posture of the body in an innovative and elegant manner. Serving the concept of haute couture, I have tried hard to combine the legacy of the house's founder, Cristobal Balenciaga, with my vision of fashion in a unifying aesthetic."

The stations of silence that fell on the show, Gvasalia wanted them to pay tribute to the legacy of Cristóbal Balenciaga and the history of this ancient French house. He revealed that this show not only constitutes Balenciaga's return to the world of "couture" after half a century of absence, but also opens the way for him.

To move to a new stage in his career, during which he transformed from a designer of sports-style fashion to the field of innovation accompanying high-end tailoring shows.

It seems that the prolonged applause that the show witnessed at the end is the first positive reaction that this young designer has received, and predicts him a promising future in the field of high-end tailoring with its modern vision.