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October 27, 2020

USA-ALSHARQIYA  October  27 : A pistol with a single bullet in the form of lipstick, and a handbag that conceals a complex camera. Two examples of a wide range of parts used by Soviet intelligence agents during the Cold War will go on sale in the first auction aimed at espionage fans.
The auction is being organized by the American house, "Julians", on about 400 pieces that will be sold electronically and then in presence between mid-January to February 13, 2021.
These pieces were recently on display at the KGB Spy Museum in Manhattan in New York City, a private museum that was opened in January 2019 by the Lithuanian historian Julius Orbitis and closed its doors due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"We are not aware of any similar auction of this type. We expect great interest in this auction because people are fascinated" by the world of espionage, said Martin Nolan, chief financial officer of Julians.
Estimated prices for the auctioned items range from a few hundred dollars to 12,000 dollars, the highest estimate for a rare Soviet copy of a coding machine known as a "vialka".
A stone bust of Vladimir Lenin is expected to sell for between $ 5,000 and $ 7,000, while the steel door from the former KGB prison hospital is estimated to cost between $ 500 and $ 700.

Nolan said, "These are not very expensive items, they are cute things ... that can be the focus of wonderful conversations at a dinner party."
Juliens is also auctioning other Cold War memorabilia, including a school report on Che Guevara during his high school, a signed 1958 letter from Fidel Castro discussing plans to take Havana, and pieces related to the race between the United States and the former Soviet Union over an invasion of space.

October 25, 2020

Washington-ALSHARQIYA   October  25 : The Washington State Department of Agriculture announced, on Saturday, the removal of the first killer hornet's nest that was discovered in Blaine.
The ministry said, in a statement, that the operation to remove the giant Asian hornet's nest "appeared to be successful."
The statement pointed out that many samples were emptied from a hornet's nest, which was discovered in the hollow of a tree in the border city.
The ministry said it would provide more details, photos and videos at a press conference to be held next Monday.
The ministry published on its Facebook page a video clip showing some wasps trapped in a package after removing their nest.
According to details reported by the Daily Mail, wasps were removed from the tree in a complicated process before they were killed.

The nest was the size of a basketball, and about 200 wasps were emptied from it.
The agricultural authorities had recently seized the nest, which is the first of its kind in the United States, after tracking one of the wasps on which scientists had a wireless tracking device, which led them to the nest site.
The agricultural authorities in Washington had announced, in August, that they had managed to "catch the first giant Asian wasp" known as the "killer hornet", months after flocks of it appeared for the first time last year, according to CNN.
Ministry officials confirmed that 5 wasps of this type were seen in the state, and that this was the first wasp to be caught after a trap was set near Birch Bay.

These giant hornets, which are more than two inches (5 cm) long, can kill a person if they bite them more than once, and they also attack and kill bees, occupy the hive and eat their young, which seriously harms crops that depend on bee pollination, according to US officials.
Scientists believe that these wasps may have arrived in the United States via containers that transported goods.



October 26, 2020

Rio de Janeiro-ALsharqiya October 26: Former Brazilian international Ronaldinho, winner of the 2005 Golden Ball awarded by France Football magazine to the best player, announced on Sunday that he was infected with the new Corona virus, but he was reassured that he was without symptoms. The former star of Barcelona, ​​Spain, and Paris French Saint-Germain and Milan, Italy, on his Instagram account, a video clip in which he said: Greetings, friends, family, fans, I took a Covid test and the result is positive. I'm fine, I don't have symptoms at the moment.

The forty-year-old will remain isolated at his hotel in Belo Horizonte (southeast of the country), where he was supposed to participate in an event organized by one of the sponsoring companies at the Minerao Stadium, which saw him crowned the champion of the Copa Libertadores South American Clubs in 2013 in the colors of Atlético Mineiro.

Ronaldinho returned to his country in late August after he and his brother Roberto de Assis, who is also his manager, was detained in Paraguay for five months for using false passports.

Ronaldinho and his brother arrived in the Paraguayan capital of Asunción on the 4th of March from Brazil and brought their passports to the immigration police, who did not immediately notice any problem with the documents.

Hours later, when the fraud was noticed, the police raided the player's hotel, where he was promoting a book and intending to attend conferences sponsored by charities concerned with disadvantaged children, and found the forged passports.

The investigation has since expanded to include a possible money laundering case.

After nearly a month behind bars, on April 7, Ronaldinho and his brother moved to house arrest in a hotel after paying a bail of about $ 1.6 million.

18 people have been arrested in connection with the case, most of them immigration officials or police officers.

Ronaldinho is one of the most prominent players in the history of football, and he won almost all the available titles from the 2002 World Cup, Copa America, Confederations Cup, European Champions League, Spanish and Italian leagues, and the Golden Ball.

Brazil is the second most affected country in the world with the Covid-19 virus after the United States, and the number of deaths has reached more than 156,000 people so far.

October 25, 2020

Amsterdam-ALSHARQIYA  October  25 : Ajax Amsterdam scored a historic victory over its host Venlo 13-0 on Saturday, winning the biggest victory in the history of the Dutch football league.
Burkinabe striker Lasina Traoré (19 years) was the star of the match by scoring five goals and three assists, as the current Ajax outperformed its squad in May 1972, which included "Flying" Johan Cruyff and beat Vitesse Arnhem 12-1, in the season in which she won the European Club Championship title .
Traoré also became the first player since former striker Marco van Basten in 1985 to score five goals in one game.
Ajax scored goals via Jürgen Ecklancamp (12 and 57), Traoré (17, 32, 54, 65 and 87), Dushan Tadic (44), Brazilian Anthony (55), Dalí Blind (59), Klas Jan Huntelaar (74 penalties and 76) and the Argentine. Lisandro Martinez (78).

Venlo eleventh place with five points from 6 games.
Traoré said that the loss against Liverpool (0-1) in the middle of the week in the Champions League "angered us" and made the players eager to respond in the goal of Venlo, "we respect them, but when we go to the pitch we give everything and we become more angry."
In turn, coach Erik Ten Haag said, "You don't see these results in the Dutch Premier League. That's special." "We were hungry on the field. We wanted to score goals. I have no problem with that."

In one match, Ajax scored (13 goals) more than its five matches in the league so far (11).
He leads the league by two points ahead of PSV, who plays on Sunday at the fourth Vitesse, while he occupies
On the other hand, Venlo coach Hans de Kooning, who completed the match with 10 men since the 52nd minute after his center-back Christian Kum was sent off, said, "All we can do is summon ourselves tomorrow. This is a match we want to bury deep in the ground and pour concrete on it."



October 25, 2020

Doha-ALSHARQIYA   October  25 : Three years ago, the idea of ​​designing an autonomous Qatari vehicle was in the minds of 5 Qatari and Arab youth, and after those years passed, the dream of these young people became a reality on the ground.
The five youths founded the company "Airlift", which relied on self-financing in its major share, to recently succeed in launching the first autonomous vehicle specialized in delivering orders in the State of Qatar and the Middle East region, after a test period that lasted more than two months in the streets of the Netherlands, as well as In the Qatar Science and Technology Park in Doha, which hosts the company.

In conjunction with the spread of the Corona pandemic, the autonomous vehicle was dedicated to delivering orders to the specified destination by automatically opening its doors without touching, and this using the customer's QR code only.
The vehicle can be used to transport meals, grocery products, medicines and other various products, and it can transport products weighing up to 120 kilograms, and this makes it capable of carrying out many roles.
The entrepreneur and CEO of AirLift Qatar, Ahmed Muhammad Ali, confirmed that the design and development process of the vehicle lasted two years until the launch of the first version of the autonomous Airlift, which is currently being tested in the Dutch city of Breda as part of the first test of an autonomous vehicle on public roads in the Netherlands.

Ali believes that the vehicle is designed to be multi-purpose, but the main function of the current version is to deliver goods, while it will have many other functions, but work is currently underway in the areas of examination and automatic data collection.

October 23, 2020

Singapore-ALSHARQIYA  October  23 : Researchers at Nanyang University of Technology in Singapore have developed a new system that allows robots to feel pain, and have worked on providing them with a localized signal processing system, by adopting a technology inspired by biological pain receptors. Researchers have created new smart skin specifically designed to give robots a similar feel to humans.
According to the journal Futur Science, previous research on tactile sensations was based on central processing, with complex wires connecting sensors to an artificial "brain". As for the new approach adopted by the Singapore University of Technology scientists, it is characterized as decentralized, as local signal processing relies on artificial intelligence. The result is less wire and faster robot reaction.

In a statement published by the Singaporean University on its official website, it explained that the system reached by its scientists contains sensor nodes supported by artificial intelligence to treat "pain" arising from the pressure of a physical force and respond to it. The system also allows robots to detect and repair their own damage upon minor "injury" without the need for human intervention.

The report also explained by the leading University of Technology that its new scientists' system integrates artificial intelligence into the network of sensor nodes connected to smaller, smaller multiple processing units, which act like "miniature brains" distributed on robotic skin. The scientists involved in the new invention explained, according to the university's statement, that this means that the sensation of the robot occurs locally and that the wiring requirements and the response time of the robot are less than five to ten times compared to traditional robots.

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October 18, 2020

Emirates-ALSHARQIYA  October  18 : The Arab Fashion Week will be held in Dubai by default from 21 to 24 October 2020, after the success of the previous virtual edition, which was the first and only digital fashion event to be held in the Middle East.
More than 30 fashion designers from all over Asia, Europe and America will participate in Arab Fashion Week, in addition to a full day dedicated to Brazilian designers under the title "Brazil Noble".
The schedule includes designer galleries in partnership with the leading digital display platform JOOR, and the Arab Fashion Council welcomes the partnership with the French Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (FHCM),

The French organization that coordinates Paris Fashion Week, with French designers in Dubai, for the first time in history in a new framework through an initiative called "The Parseon in Dubai", which is a new project that aims to connect French designers, members of Paris Fashion Week, with the Arab fashion industry And to create a bridge between the two fashion industries.
On this occasion, the Arab Fashion Council named the Lebanese superstar Maya Diab "the fashion icon in the Arab world", who will open the event live, followed by "Fashion Color", a discussion platform between industry experts and celebrities coordinated by the region's leading celebrity agency Hue Management and hosted by Sally Hajjar.

Arab Fashion Week continues its almost complete program with locations across the country to enable the designer collection to be personally marketed.
“The whole world is in a transition phase from entering a new world revolution ruled by technology and artificial intelligence,” said Jacob Abrian, founder and CEO of Arab Fashion Week. .
For the first time, Microsoft is presenting the Arab Fashion Week, and has obtained directions from the Arab Fashion Council to enable fashion designers to use the full digital capacity of Microsoft services and devices geared towards improving the productivity of designers under the slogan "A Bigger Dream" The ability to achieve more

At a time when all sectors and industries are reimagining their business models around the world, the Arab fashion field is no exception to this, as it is set to lead a large part of its business in a challenging year through digital channels.
The event is set to launch in its entirety, exclusively on the Facebook platforms, which will broadcast Arab Fashion Week to 2 billion users worldwide.
Fashion lovers will be able to shop their favorite fashion shows and collections directly through Instagram's shopping technology and through the website dedicated to shopping on the runway at Arab Fashion Week.
Additionally, fashionistas will be able to visit selected stores across the Emirates to try the collection and purchase it directly.

October 16, 2020

New York-ALSHAQIYA  October  16 : "They are luxurious clothes ready to face an ongoing epidemic." With these words, American designer Michael Kors introduced his collection of ready-to-wear clothes for Spring and Summer 2021, which he presented outside of the New York Fashion Week activities.
Since the beginning of last summer, and after months of home quarantine spent thinking about the current reality of the fashion industry, Kors announced that the timing of the New York Fashion Week calendar is no longer suitable for him and that he wants to take more time designing and leave more room for the public to consume this fashion.

In this context, he decided to cancel the preparatory groups that he previously presented, and to be satisfied with only two groups annually: one for spring and summer and another for autumn and winter, his collection of ready-to-wear clothes for Spring and Summer 2021, which he presented outside of the New York Fashion Week activities.
Since the beginning of last summer, and after months of home quarantine spent thinking about the current reality of the fashion industry, Kors announced that the timing of the New York Fashion Week calendar is no longer suitable for him and that he wants to take more time designing and leave more room for the public to consume this fashion.
In this context, he decided to cancel the preparatory groups that he previously presented, and to be satisfied with only two groups annually: one for the spring and summer and the other intended for the fall and winter.