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January 24, 2021

London-ALSHARQIYA  January 24: A serial killer imprisoned in Britain received an invitation in preparation for obtaining the Coronavirus vaccine, before millions of Britons who have priority, sparking outrage in the media.
 The British newspaper "The Sun" wrote on its website that the matter was "terrifying". She stated that the serial killer Levi Belfield (52 years) and some other prisoners in the high-security "Frankland" prison were informed that they would receive the vaccine in the coming weeks.
The news comes at a time when elderly Britons and others at risk of dying from the pandemic and medical personnel are still waiting for a vaccine.
And former British Home Secretary David Blunkett said it was illogical that prisoners, especially thugs, be given priority in getting vaccinated.

He expressed his hope that the Minister of Justice in Britain would intervene immediately and reveal the reason for distributing the already rare vaccines in this way.
Bielefeld is a well-known serial killer in Britain, and was convicted of three murders against women, and one of his victims was a 13-year-old girl, who is serving a life sentence.
The message that reached the prisoners says that the vaccine will reach the prison between January and February 2021, provided that it will benefit those most at risk of infection.
Britain is one of the countries most affected by the Corona epidemic, with more than 3.6 million injuries and more than 97,000 deaths recorded.
Although the United Kingdom was the first country in the world to use the Pfizer Bionic and Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines, the country still had very high mortality rates.

The distribution of vaccines is suffering from a very slow pace, and does not cover all the elderly and medical staff so far.
The British Health Minister, Matt Hancock, told "Sky News" that the order to lift the general lockdown restrictions in Britain is still far away, pointing to the preliminary data showing that the restrictions have slightly reduced the new strain infections, but he stressed that hospitals in the country are suffering from tremendous pressure " ".



January 22, 2021

England-ALSHARQIYA   January 22: Liverpool continued to move away from the Premier League title race, after losing 0-1 at home to Burnley on Thursday in the eighteenth stage of the competition. And the balance of Liverpool, who failed to achieve any victory in the competition since they beat Chrisal Palace 7-0 on December 19, stuck at 34 points in fourth place, six points behind Manchester United (the leaders). On the other hand, Burnley's balance, who inflicted the third loss at Liverpool in the competition this season, rose to 19 points in sixteenth place, knowing that this is the team's fifth victory against four draws and nine defeats in the competition during the current season.

England-East January 22: Liverpool continued to move away from the Premier League title race, after losing 0-1 at home to Burnley on Thursday in the eighteenth stage of the competition. And the balance of Liverpool, who failed to achieve any victory in the competition since they beat Chrisal Palace 7-0 on December 19, stuck at 34 points in fourth place, six points behind Manchester United (the leaders). On the other hand, Burnley's balance, who inflicted the third loss at Liverpool in the competition this season, rose to 19 points in sixteenth place, knowing that this is the team's fifth victory against four draws and nine defeats in the competition during the current season.

 Liverpool imposed absolute control over the course of affairs, and wasted more than one achieved opportunity to score, to continue its goal-scoring fast in the competition in the new year, while Burnley snatched the three points, after Ashley Barnes scored the only goal of the match in the 83rd minute from a penalty kick. Thus, Liverpool received its first loss in the English Premier League inside its stronghold (Anfield) since April 23, 2017 when it lost 1 - 2 to Crystal Palace, and the Red Team, which won the title last season, failed to achieve any victory in the championship this season for the fifth game in a row .



January 24, 2021

United States-ALSHARQIYA   January 24: Tesla, the electric vehicle manufacturer, filed a lawsuit against engineer Alex Khatilov for allegedly stealing the company's "Warp Drive" software, which is used to automate purchases and other systems within 3 days of starting work In late December 2020.
According to the lawsuit, Khatilov copied "thousands" of files containing scripts associated with Rapid Drive to his personal "Dropbox" account.
The Rap program includes many important programs that automate a number of processes for Tesla, from purchasing to manufacturing to warehouse, and it is similar to the well-known enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

While most automakers use software from well-known third-party organizations such as SAP, Tesla decided instead to build its own software from scratch.
The company also accused Khatilov of trying to cover up his actions. The lawsuit also states that he lied about this, claiming to transfer personal documents only when investigators questioned him, and then claiming that he “forgot” the files when confronted with evidence, and Tesla said that the engineer tried to delete the Dropbox app and other files at the beginning Investigation.
Tesla did not say whether Khatilov was believed to have coordinated with others. However, she cautioned that she had "not disclosed" all of Khatilov's suspicious actions, and that he might still be sharing the Tesla files. The employee was forced to work remotely due to the pandemic, which made it difficult to verify the files had been deleted.

The automaker has advocated heavily to protect its technology in the past. It has sued Rivian and Zoox for employing Tesla employees that it says took company secrets with them. This is in addition to the prosecution of individuals such as Martin Tripp, whom Elon Musk described as a "saboteur".
And if Khatilov's case is correct, it will likely increase Tesla's concerns about stealing trade secrets. If people apply for jobs solely to steal automation tools, Tesla may feel the danger facing its autonomous and electric-driving technologies.

January 24, 2021

United States-ALSHARQIYA  January 24: The American aircraft maker Boeing said on Friday that it would begin delivering commercial aircraft capable of flying using 100 percent biofuels by 2030, according to Reuters.
Boeing described the environmental damage associated with fossil fuels as "the great challenge of our lives."
The company said its latest move is to cut carbon emissions in half by 2050.
“It's a massive challenge, it's the challenge of our lives,” Boeing's director of sustainability strategies, Sean Newsom, told the agency.
Commercial aviation currently contributes about 2 percent of global carbon emissions and 12 percent of transportation emissions.

Boeing is still facing the obstacles caused by the Corona pandemic that affected its work, in addition to the problems associated with stopping the "737 MAX" model after fatal accidents that occurred in a number of countries.
Boeing had already organized its first commercial flight in the world using 100 percent biofuels, in 2018, on a FedEx cargo plane.
In addition to Boeing, Airbus is working to reduce the carbon emissions of its aircraft, by reducing their weight.
Biofuels are currently blended with conventional aviation fuel in a 50:50 ratio, the maximum permitted by current fuel specifications, according to Boeing.
Boeing must now determine the changes it will make to ensure safe flights on aircraft that use biofuels.

Biofuels are manufactured from many sources, including used vegetable oils, animal fats, and sugar cane, in addition to waste.
Boeing said it needs to work with bodies tasked with setting fuel specifications, with the aim of increasing the permissible limit for mixing fossil fuels with fossil fuels and expanding their use, and then persuading aviation regulators around the world to certify the safety of flying biofuel aircraft.

Arts & Culture




January 20, 2021

Paris-ALSHARQIYA   January 20: The Paris Men's Fashion Week, which will last for 6 days, will introduce to the public a new 68 brands specializing in men's elegance. This event is held virtually, so how did the people in charge of it harness technology to be able to reach audiences around the world?
The Union of High-end Tailoring and Fashion, which is considered the mastermind of French fashion, has developed its website and expanded its team in order to be able to cover all events this week by default. He signed partnership agreements with the American channel CNN and the Russian newspaper Kommersant, and the videos that appear on the French High Sewing and Fashion Federation website will be published on 4 platforms that witness a great following by the public in China, namely: Tencent, WeChat, Weibo and Douvin.

The cooperation with CNN comes after the success of the cooperation in the past seasons with the American New York Times and the Japanese newspaper Ashai Shimbum in transmitting French fashion to the world. They have dedicated pages to cover the Parisian shows, and all posts by the participating homes will be available on Youtube.
International fashion houses have flocked to make appointments for the Paris men's fashion week. The week was opened by Berluti on Tuesday and will end next Sunday the emerging house 1017 ALYX 9SM. And big names like Louis Vuitton, Dior Homme, Hermes and Paul Smith won't miss him.

Pascal Morin, Executive Director of the French High Tailoring and Fashion Federation, stated that the number and quality of designers who accept to participate in French Fashion Weeks highlight the importance and durability of this event despite the exceptional health conditions that the world is currently experiencing.
French men's fashion week activities are expected to witness the participation of famous foreign roles, such as: Japanese Yohji Yamamoto, British JW Anderson, American Rick Owens, Belgian Dries van Noten, Spanish Loewe, and American Thom Browne. As for new participants in this week’s events, we mention brands such as: Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, Wales Bonner, Basscoutur, Valette Studio, and Kidil.

Of the houses that withdrew from this week’s events, we mention Celine, who announced that she will present her show later in 2021. The Confederation of Fine Tailoring and Fashion in France announced that it has also developed its digital magazine, called Insider, to be able to keep up with all offers. These digital means that have proven effective in times of health crisis will not be absent after its end, but will always remain a vital resource that accompanies direct performances upon their return.

January 19, 2021

Italy-ALSHARQIYA  January 19: Silvia Venturini Fendi, creative director of the house, was keen on preparing a set of designs that would create a "new reality". It started from the classics of men's fashion to present pieces that are not linked to a specific time and depend in its concept on a new vision that takes into account the development of the lifestyle and the requirements of the modern man, in addition to the social conditions that the world is currently witnessing.
Variety, comfort and sobriety are the characteristics of this group that vacillates between creativity and reality, as it comes encrusted with new energy and some imagination.

The materials used in the implementation of these designs were luxurious and attached to them, and they attach great importance to comfort and freedom of movement. These materials ranged from wool, broadcloth, silk, and the wadded fabrics that adorned coats, jackets, and even shorts. Many of the designs were inspired by nightwear and home fashion, without losing anything of their elegance and sophistication.
The colors were neutral in a large part, ranging from beige and black through to light shades, but they were not without some monochrome designs that were distinguished by their strong, strong colors that are relatively strange from the men's wardrobe.

Some of the designs were decorated with prints and embroideries similar to children's drawings and signed by British comedian and illustrator Noel Fielding.
The new Fendi collection introduces a renewed look to menswear that it has modified to fit this new world that looks strange and natural at the same time. Check out some of the highlights of this collection below.

January 18, 2021

Dubai-ALSHARQIYA  January 18: After New York, Milan, Paris and Singapore, the Hermes silk scarves exhibition has landed in Dubai. It will open the way for its visitors to explore the artistic ingenuity behind the execution of the most famous squares in the fashion world
This exhibition takes its visitors on an interactive journey, as it opens the way for them to listen to audio-recorded stories about these famous textures, through old phones placed all over the place. They can also learn about various methods of binding the scarf, or contribute to the creation of names for the hundreds of shades that Hermes uses to create its scarves.

The exhibition also includes manual sketches made by some of the artists who participated in the design of Hermes' scarves, including the Japanese artist Disek Nomura, who mixes home decorations, utensils and fruits.
In the central space of the exhibition, the visitor reads a huge drawing machine, which the couple Octave Mersay and Tio de Gilzi use to create charcoal drawings.
 A little further from it, and along a floor covered with silk scarves, a small ski slope appears, a café decorated with comfortable seats, and a stage for live singing with music, in addition to a shop dedicated to buying famous scarves.

This exhibition combines the fun and enchanting atmosphere that Hermes excels through its philosophy and designs. It comes to offer a unique glimpse into her unique and creative world. The exhibition is located in "Concrete, Al Serkal Avenue" in Dubai and is open for free to the public from noon until ten in the evening, until January 20.

January 16, 2021

Milan-ALSHARQIYA   January 16: Moschino has chosen to present its men's collection for Fall 2021, one day before the start of Milan Fashion Week. The strangeness that marked this timing also affected the design of the group that presented it, which made it difficult to differentiate between the worlds of reality and fiction.
A collection par excellence presented by Creative Director of the House Jeremy Scott. The men's fashion included in Walidah came from long months that the designer spent in isolation and during which he continued drawing lessons, and his designs were influenced by two worlds: the old Hollywood elegance on the one hand and the spontaneity that accompanies hand drawing on the other hand.

Only 28 designs were included in this collection, which consisted of coats, suits, tracksuits, and even tuxedos that seemed to have passed down to us from the 1940s. The brushstrokes that usually decorate impressionist paintings are evident on costumes and accessories that had just appeared from the oil paintings. The décor surrounding the costumes evokes views of a city steeped in darkness as if it were an old police movie.
Global health conditions prevented Jeremy Scott from presenting new ones in the form of a direct show, as usual, and he was satisfied with presenting his uniforms in compliance with the protective measures against the spread of the Corona epidemic. The audience followed his collection on fashion websites and social media.

Classic cuts and artistic touches appeared clearly in the designs and were in harmony with the sporty character that was evident in the costumes, military shoes, and large bags. These designs have captured the attention of fashion critics, who have praised Jeremy Scott's innovative idea and executed it in an elaborate manner that blends reality and fiction. Check out some of the looks from this collection below.